Inspirational Wall Art

wall art

Micheal Kurth , a musician from Atlanta was so moved and inspired from the wall art and graffiti on the walls of Krog street tunnel that he composed music based on that. Though he belongs to one of the in town, he always set aside a lot of time to see the art everyday on his way to work. He feels the work of art to be a reflection of the city and its residents. He finds it to be alluring, evolving and enchanting. He says that it also talks a lot about the dedication and love that the residents share for their community as a whole. treeThe sole inspiration or his new album emerged from the slogan that he found in the tunnel which he has named as “Everything Lasts Forever.” He is also a firm believer that it is possible to create something that would last for a very long time and which would inspire and motivate people to be do-gooders. He has many other compositions too, and can be listened to in Facebook.

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