Music of “Man of Steel”


Hans Zimmer, the top-notch music composers for Hollywood has scored the soundtrack for the upcoming superman movie, titled Man of Steel. Zimmer is one of the most sought after composers who has millions of fan following around the world. He also has a long list of success stories to his credit including movies like Inception, Pearl Harbour, Gladiator, The Lion King and the three Batman movies. He has completed more than 100 movies and is still going strong. Zimmer has also scored for famous scores like As Good as it gets and Something’s gotta give.


However Zimmer reflects on the process of his composition and admits that he always feels like a new bee and each time he evaluates his own abilities and worth before attempting at his composition. For Man of Steel, he found his central point after putting his ideas across to Zach Snyder the director. He says that he put in a lot of thought into what exactly does a superhero stands for and he found it in the celebration of humanity. He says that its time that people retrospect and think about simple people who lead an honest lifestyle such as farmers and country folk. He is hoping that the world would embrace his new soundtrack just as the hits he has delivered before.

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