Emily Bazelon’s new book on Bullying


Through her new book, Bazelon makes the readers introspect, think and analyse at the same time. The Yale law graduate also has a lot of credentials to her credit . Even though the topic has been politicized over the years, she throws light to the lesser known aspects which is very impressive and insightful at the same time. She suggests how the society treats and sees “bullying” as a whole. She herself had to undergo a painful instance in her 8th grade, when she was isolated and tortured. She says that, it made her realize the power of empathy.

She also suggests that most of the times, we see bullying and ignore it so as to make children independent and for making them capable of handling such situations. However she calls for a change in the attitude as well as suggests an involved parenting technique, so that children could feel the confidence and comfort in reaching out for help. As a mother of two, she also shares her insights which she has gained by her experience in raising her children and how employing her techniques helped her to boost the relationship.