Chicago City Is Closing Down Many Public Schools

school closing

Chicago: The government has decided to minimize the number of public elementary schools to mere 48, owing to the reduction of 1 billion in the budget. The shutdown in the city is the newest addition to closures all around the country. Sources suggest that tightening of the budgets by the districts and a marginal downfall of the school going children are the primary reason for this major step.


When the scenario in Chicago is analysed it is quite evident that, the schools that are closed down are majorly in the areas where there is an enormous number of African American population who had suffered the backlash of recession which resulted in many of them losing their jobs and were forced to move out .The students are currently on their summer break, so by the time they return, when the school reopens, a new allotment would be done.

Errol Davis takes charge after the cheating scandal in Atlanta

errollAtlanta: After the infamous cheating scandal which caused the arrest of 35 former teachers of Atlanta Public Schools (ASP) including their former superintended Beverly Hall, Errol Davis took charge as the new superintended and also ensured o setting up a new foul proof system. He previously worked as the chancellor in the state of Georgia and has also served as a chairman of the board for Alliant Energy Corporation. Davis promises to keep the system error free by making a stricter and tighter security wall. He has also made it mandatory for all the staff; teaching and non-teaching to attend an annual training program on ethics.

The cheating scam had took the education system by storm as it was revealed how the infamous group had manipulated , calculated and erased the standardization of data which resulted in betterment of test grades. The pay scale of the staff were directly linked to the grades which made them attempt this forgery. However with the arrest of the group, Davis is hoping that the issue gets a closure and the schools in Atlanta would be able to put it all behind and hope for a brighter future.

Emily Bazelon’s new book on Bullying


Through her new book, Bazelon makes the readers introspect, think and analyse at the same time. The Yale law graduate also has a lot of credentials to her credit . Even though the topic has been politicized over the years, she throws light to the lesser known aspects which is very impressive and insightful at the same time. She suggests how the society treats and sees “bullying” as a whole. She herself had to undergo a painful instance in her 8th grade, when she was isolated and tortured. She says that, it made her realize the power of empathy.

She also suggests that most of the times, we see bullying and ignore it so as to make children independent and for making them capable of handling such situations. However she calls for a change in the attitude as well as suggests an involved parenting technique, so that children could feel the confidence and comfort in reaching out for help. As a mother of two, she also shares her insights which she has gained by her experience in raising her children and how employing her techniques helped her to boost the relationship.

The City Of New York Is Hit With Homelessness


New York: The NY city is experiencing a fatal blow of homelessness probably the first of its kind centuries after the Great depression. The government had to cut down its subsidy program owing to which, it was forced to provide shelter and food to around 20,000 homeless children each night. It is quite ironical that the rate subsidy would have been far less when compared to the amount that is spent every night. Policy Analysists calculate the amount to be thrice the cost of providing a homeless family with a permanent residence.

The scholars also state this as an example of the authorities’ need to foresee and employ policies that would help people in the longer term rather than looking for short term solutions to solve an immediate crisis. They also point out how there might be a ripple effect, causing repercussions in the society and eventually bringing it down. The government should also be able to consider the education, schooling and overall development of these children, who might be affected by the whole scenario. Social workers and care givers should be employed to ensure the lessening of the impact on their young minds.

At the same time, there is also a lot of pressure for the government from all around the globe, to take immediate action. There are also rumours that the government might reconsider the policy and there might be a revival of the old policy.

There is also widespread discussion revolving the new Advantage program bestowed in NY City. This new program, enables a less fortunate family to get a home through listing, real estate agents are bound to give preference to them owing to their lack of financial ability.

The Advantage program ensures that their housing expenses would be completely met. However if the families chose to stay in shelter homes, they may not be entitled for the above mentioned, Advantage program. Though some section of people look forward to it and see it as a solution to the homeless issue, many others disapprove of it and slam it as inappropriate and also blame it to bring divide amongst people.

Putting aside it all, it is also relevant to think of a solution where a child is ensured that he /she is able to go to the same school every day and has the same set of friends to play with too. Whatever be the case, it is important to put a roof over his head and it is also the responsibility of the society to ensure that he/ she has a happy childhood.