Mosquitos Are Dangerous

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Mosquitos Are Dangerous

An Orca (killer whale) perished from St. Louis Encephalitis and West Nile. Unfortunately, no creature is immune to the dangers of mosquito-borne illness. Mosquitoes should pick on someone their own size. The unthinkable happened some years ago. The story was released by WDCS ( Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society). Two Orca whales have died due to two mosquito-borne illnesses, West Nile Virus and St. Louis Encephalitis. Their deaths were documented at the Florida Marine Mammal Health Conference on April 24th-27th. More on this website @
Even whales are at risk for mosquito-borne illness and disease. The case study from WCDS focused on the death of 25-year-old Orca “Kanduke,” who died in 1990 in Orlando, Fla., from the St. Louis Encephalitis virus, and 14-year-old “Taku” from San Antonio, who died in 2007 after being infected with West Nile Virus.

St. Louis Encephalitis is a disease caused by being bitten by a mosquito carrying the virus. The disease originated in 1933 when an encephalitis epidemic broke out in St. Louis County, Missouri. Over 1,000 cases were reported to the local health departments at that time. That is why it is called St. Louis Encephalitis. The illness causes irritation and swelling of the brain. Fatality rates from the illness can range from 3-30%, dependent on variables such as age and other health conditions the patient may have. Currently, there is no vaccine for the illness; only controlling and preventing mosquitoes that are potential carriers will reduce your chances of infection. West Nile Virus is an asymptomatic illness that, when left untreated, can turn into West Nile Fever, West Nile Encephalitis, or Meningitis. Like St. Louis Encephalitis, West Nile Virus can morph into a neuroinvasive disease that causes brain and spinal cord inflammation. Humans, dogs, horses, and other mammals can contract West Nile Virus and St. Louis Encephalitis. This is the first case where the incidence was among sea mammals such as Orcas. Proof positive that, unfortunately, no creature is immune to the dangers of mosquito-borne illness. Contact our Pest Control company to learn more about our mosquito control programs that reduce your risk of contracting a potentially infected mosquito. Our seasonal mosquito control will keep your yard mosquito free all season long. Call us today for a free quote.

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