A Bit About Destiny’s Child

Destiny’s Child

Michelle Williams, the member of the Grammy award winning Destiny’s Child is playing the lady love of FelaKuti, in the 3 time Tony award winner Broadway musical FELA. She portrays the character of an activist by the name Sandra Isadore. She became instantly famous with Destiny’s Child. She says that all throughout her growing up years, she always wanted to perform. She is also known in the industry as the bestie of the pop queen Beyonce.


Her Humble nature and spirited attitude gives her a vivid charm and she is known in the industry for not having any pretentions. She says how destiny has fulfilled all her dreams, apparently, as an eighth grader, she had visited Fox Theatre and said that she would perform there one day, and with time she did that too. She is super excited about her musical and is loving every bit of the experience. She said that the reunion of Destiny’s child with her band mates Rowland and Beyonce was amazing and also wonders how the information which was kept in dark got leaked to the press.

Michelle also talks vividly and with no inhibition with regard to the struggle she underwent battling depression. She sure is an inspiration to a whole lot of people, who are struggling with this disorder. This also helps in eradicating the social stigma associated with mental disorders.

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Chicago City Is Closing Down Many Public Schools

school closing

Chicago: The government has decided to minimize the number of public elementary schools to mere 48, owing to the reduction of 1 billion in the budget. The shutdown in the city is the newest addition to closures all around the country. Sources suggest that tightening of the budgets by the districts and a marginal downfall of the school going children are the primary reason for this major step.


When the scenario in Chicago is analysed it is quite evident that, the schools that are closed down are majorly in the areas where there is an enormous number of African American population who had suffered the backlash of recession which resulted in many of them losing their jobs and were forced to move out .The students are currently on their summer break, so by the time they return, when the school reopens, a new allotment would be done.

Hosting the Oscar’s


The much awaited Oscar’s, this year would be hosted by the famous TV persona, Seth MacFarlane. Even though he may not be a known ace or the audience, he is the creator of the shows like ‘Family Guy’ and ‘American Dad’. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has once again decided to bring in the anchor from the TV industry. He is also known for his ability to render different voices for an animated TV series. Apart from the Tele industry he also moonlights as an actor and singer. An astonishing fact about Mc Farlane is that how he cheated death on fateful 9/11. He was supposed to fly on the American flight which was the first to hit the World Trade Center, However he had overslept that day thereby missing his plane. Now that’s what the world calls Destiny!

He graduated in animation from the Rhode Island school of design and was recruited to Hollywood from there. He worked as an animator and creative writer or many television series including Dexter’s Laboratory, Johny Bravo, Cow and Chicken before his directorial ventures. He has also freelanced for Disney. In spite of the widespread popularity of his program, the Family Guy, he faces a lot of criticism for the indecent contents in the program. Fox Tv had to reconsider the airing of the show twice after it was cancelled due to the complaints from the Federal Communication Commission. He is also known as the campaigner for the rights of Gay community. He also has plans to get into filmmaking and acting in the near future.